Jesus Christ



Remember dear friend that
any religion can be used wrongly.
The sign for that is when the religion becomes full of hate, revenge, and violence.
Then you are on a complete wrong way.
Do never ever be seduced of such dangerous and complete wrong mentality.
And walk away from people, leaders, and gatherings that are not standing close
to the road of
the true love.

Always remember that Jesus Christ is the Lord of mercy
and the true love.

And, if you won`t
forgive your brother,
who shall forgive you?
Live in true love with
Jesus Christ,
and read the Bible
with the everlasting message of mercy, hope, and true love.


Tale med Aril EdvardsenTroensbevis



Here you can meet JESUS in a easy and exciting way. JESUS, the world unique GOD of love is with YOU all days. With Him you can rest your mind, your heart, and your body. With Him you can relax and feel safe, because JESUS only wants what's good for you. Therefore: Rest and live in safety and in love with Him, JESUS.
Some people are unsure about if JESUS can love me and you in spite of all the wrong things we've done! Listen: JESUS forgives you if you are willing to receive Him.
And further you can always meet Him in your prayer, and learn to know Him. Once upon a time when JESUS walked around here on earth, and He healed ill persons with prayers and hand healing, he didn't come to save the rich and the successful, but primary the sick, poor and the outcast in our society. They who feel frighten, depressed, meaningless,
and yet haven't understand how fantastic we all are, you and I in the eyes of JESUS.

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  • Thank you for reading this.
  • Thank you that you are living here and now.
  • Thanks for the opportunity we have together to create something new and better.

NB! If it's too much text at one time, just copy the parts you find interesting. Then print it out if you have a printer, and read the text several times when you have time and quiet around you. It takes more than a day to learn about our GOD of love, JESUS. But this is the first important day for this opening life with HIM.

Welcome to a better life together.


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